Windshield Development

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I have to believe that heat cycling has a lot to do with the longevity of the tint film. Being on the inside of a window that is inside a closed vehicle that is topping 130 degrees or more is a little different than a window in open air that doesn't have a temperature difference between sides. At least this seems logical from a temperature standpoint. But like @Ark :D stated, the worst that can happen is the need to recut a windshield (or order from DF). ;)

Dale E

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Check local laws. My locale tinted front windscreens are illegal unless it is purpose built Ford Taurus of older days that came with a tinted option. You can put a 6 inch tint film at the top of the screen in my locale.


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Most of the windshields on Goblins probably don't meet the requirements to start with. The main purpose of most of those laws is as much about seeing in as seeing out anyway.

Not that I would want to tint the windshield if I really looked through it and not over it.