Lethalcast's City goblin- 2009 SS/TC G85

I'm down in florida and no bind but man are they stiff. Even with everything disconnected they're hard but one is especially tough. I'm gonna take it all apart and see if there is something wrong with my cables. I completely rebuilt my shifter and put lithium grease on every fitting
Nope, it's perfect. I even put nylon washers on either end of the linkages and they move easily. I know at some point the shipping company decided it would be easier to ship it on end and that sent everything everywhere and I even had a cable end hanging out of the box when I picked it up. I'm thinking they got bent or something.


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I finally got around to putting the calipers back together after cerakote and I think they look cool. Steering wheel and quick release came in so I threw those on. Im ordering tires and seats next week so I need to finish the headlights, taillights and mirrors before they get here. I also got the replacement shift cable in and it's perfect, thanks Lonny!


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Very nice I am very interested in your wheel setup and shifter Christmas is coming and wife needs a list! Would you mind linking the parts?



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Thanks Chad I had a local guy that does gun coatings do a high temp cerakote on them. I had to completely disassemble them but it was only 30 bucks a caliper and 25 for each rotor. The exhaust and heat sheilds were 125. Totally worth it imo. I didnt want to try to paint them and certainly wasnt baking that exhaust or anything in my oven like the high temp paints wanted haha