06 supercharger Coolant hoses orientation


Hey I need some help with how all my hoses under the supercharger is suppose to look before I mount the motor.



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On your pic, is it supposed to be capped off on the pump? also where is the rest of the lines ?
The capped off part of the pump gets connected to the heat exchanger and the other end of the heat exchanger loop will go to the plastic fill neck that is bolted to your supercharger, unless you had an "option b" set up.
The super charger coolant goes through its own system and the engine coolant has its own system too.


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That diagram has you pumping heated coolant through the pump vs pumping cooler fluid from the heat exchanger
Yeah, that is the way most of the diagrams are out on the web. Someone else on here said that was correct, but I agree you... some one else said heat kills, so it should be turned around like your diagram. Then I think Lonny said there is more chances for the pump to cavitate. See this thread on the TC intercooler pump: http://dfkitcar.com/forum/index.php?threads/turbo-intercooler-plumbing.917/post-29047 It maybe personal preference. For my setup, I am pumping the cool side thru the pump, but I should have no chance for cavitation because I have the Option B tank to constantly purge air from the system.


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I doubt the pump has any issues running on the warm side. It never gets hot on a stock SC LSJ engine.
Only gets warm after hard driving.
I had a long discussion with Lonny when I installed mine. He stated the pump was rated well within the operating temps. He was more concerned with the pump being starved. So, he wanted the highest point above the pump to be the supply side.