Add-on brake proportioning valve

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I think I need to do this. I had my first "under duress" hard brake today when an idiot 4 cars in front of me, decided to turn left without signalling. Needless to say, the three other cars in front of me slammed on their brakes at the last minute, and so did I ... left two nice long, thick patches of rubber with the front tires.
Ark, glad your brake test didn't end in a rebuild. I consider brakes the second most critical safety item in the car - right after the human in the driver's seat! ;)

Scott #321

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Quick tip for anyone doing brake lines. Take a piece of wire the same length as your brake line and bend it into shape as it can be easily adjusted over and over until it is correct. Then use it as a guide to make the brake line.


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Instead of this mod, "downgrading" to 10 inch brakes in the front is an option, and is arguably less work. I've had good results after 3k miles and several autocrosses.


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Added a proportioning valve. Like many I did not wish to purchase a bubble flare tool for a single use and could not locate one for rental or to borrow. Purchased a 12 in line (CNE-312) and bent the existing line and new line as shown. Valve is hidden but adjustable without raising the hood and the plumbing was only 6 bucks.View attachment 27140View attachment 27141
Great idea buying an off the shelf item instead of making a new line!