Guage cluster option?


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I was speculating about the stock fuel gauge. Missed the fact it is an aftermarket one you are installing.


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Thanks everyone. I'm learning a lot through this process about the insanity of auto wiring. I'm going to connect to the purple wire on top of the sending unit and see what happens.

In the installation diagram, does anyone know what the 2 things to the left of the level float are supposed to be? Fuel pressure sensor for 1 maybe?



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other possible sensors or sensor types. Not sure if this is a generic drawing for all of their gauges or if your gauge is programmable for different types of measurements such as pressure or temperatures. It’s also possible to measure fluid levels by pressure, although I don’t know how much accuracy you will have for a depth of just a few inches.

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It's a dotted line, probably for optional connections to other sensor as @Gtstorey indicated. Ignore these and do you experiment with the connection to the fuel level sender.

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I think the dotted lines on your diagram indicate optional sender/sensor. The electric one far left may be an indicator light (like an idiot light - or temperature), and the other two terminal one is for an analog/digital gauge (or since it is wired to the fuel pump a low oil pressure kill switch that shuts off the fuel pump).
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Coming back to this topic, has anyone with one of these new dashes been able to get odometer information as well?