Midwest spring meet 2020!


I know I'm late with this, I've had a lot going on with the recent death of my Dad and visiting family from the West Coast. I had a great time at the meet and learned so much that will help me with my build.

First, I want to thank Ross for setting up this event and he and Ian for the rides and the opportunity to drive their car.

Brian (briann 1177) was so kind to haul me around during the rides and also allow me to drive his car. This was especially nice as his car was the only turbo car there and that is what I'm building. His is a quality build and detailed nicely.

Lastly, I want to thank Brenda Doyle, whom I got to meet and talk with during the meet for the flowers she sent for my Dad's death. When I picked up my kit, my 92 year old dad went along from Wisconsin and it was a trip to remember. This was two months before he died. Dad and Lonny really connected and Lonny posted a picture of him giving Dad a ride in his car. I texted Lonny news of my Dad's passing the day after he died and within hours I was contacted about a delivery of flowers from the Doyles. I was so touched by this, I can't put it into words.

I'll close by saying again thanks to everyone, the meet was a great experience for me and now that we are getting a number of builds up North, an Upper Midwest meet may be in order.

Steve Meyer


Goblin Guru
It was my absolute pleasure to have you along for the ride and to let you put a few miles on it. It makes me sad to hear about the loss of your Dad. I hope that the meet was able to give you an escape from reality for a bit.

I hope you can make it out next year with your own Goblin.


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Thank you Steve! I just wished that I would have been at the shop the day you and your Dad came by.. I would have enjoyed meeting him and hearing some of the stories he told Lonny.