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Ark :D

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I have a 09 SS/TC donor, no RPD display, and I also have the twisted pair you have. I just cut it for now.

But, if I were to take an edumuhcated guess, I would say: I have a tan twisted pair emerging from my fuse box wiring (not sure where, it's taped up) that's really long, and is a loose end. I would say we will be soldering the pair in question to the pair I'm talking about, in the body harness.


Goblin Guru
Those wires will get soldered to the corresponding data wires on the ECM. The loose ends on that connector went to the OnStar module which you cut out. The complete path is OBD connector --> Power steering --> BCM --> OnStar --> Brake controller --> ECM.

Ark you might want to double check your wiring if you have the GMLAN wires running through your fuse box.

Ark :D

Goblin Guru
Sorry, poor choice of words ... what I should have said was "emerging from the wiring that runs toward the fuse box", which emcompasses the ECM connector. That connector, along with all of the fuse box connectors, power steering power, fuel pump, body to engine connector, etc. are all one taped up clump of wires now.


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The reattaching of the data wires will be discussed in a later video. For now just cut the data wires loose from the body to dash connector as shown in video 9.