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Can anyone tell me what they used the orange and black wire from trunk light for?end of video 10 and 11 never seen it used? I think I saved it for nothing it’s probably the end of trunk light diode. From harness guide video 3.
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I saved a green wire from what I belive is PCM connector C1, looks important since I knotted rhe croa out of it, or maybe I knotted it to like that to ask about it later?

It's a low speed GMLAN serial data wire if I have the right connector info, but I went through all the videos and didnt see it.

Does it get connected to all the green wires in the dash harness?



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Can anyone clarify what specifically is the 'fuse box ground' here? I have the ground lug, coolant tank, and fuel pump ground wires. Don't see another one.
I have the same situation. I'm going to move forward with just soldering the the wires i have together. Hope that works.


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I have a small but if confusion but I think I've figured it out.

After labeling and cutting my wires from the dash side of the dash to body connector, I have 5 wires and a pair of twisted data lines.

From reading other posts, it sounds like I need to connect these twisted data wires to those I extended from the ECM to complete the daisy-chain. I do not have the performance package and it's a manual transmission.

The blue and 3 pink wires go to additional connectors that I don't know what they were for. All I can figure out is that these mystery connectors have grey wires that go back to the White BCM multi-plug for "instrument panel lamp supply voltage". I assume I can cut these out.

The green wire runs over to pin 2 on the obdii connector. I presume I'll have instructions for that wire later.

Anyone care to confirm my thoughts here?

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On my phone right now so I wont be able to help with details, but you're correct, the tan and tan/black twisted pair daisy-chains through several places, depending on the donor.

The green wire on the OBDII will eventually be soldered to several other green wires. You'll probably see that they all lead to a small plastic box ... some of the greens get cut out, and the remaining ones all get cut from that box and soldered together.

I know this is limited help, I'm sorry about that.


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I also did not have the large red wire that was pulled towards the dash harness along with the purple wire towards the end of video 10. In video 11 this wire is closed with heat shrink, rolled up and zip tied to the harness. I am pretty sure an earlier video tells you to cut that wire out, however it sounds like it's only needed if you plan on adding your own device/accessory. Is that correct, this isn't going to be required for anything?


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That's right. Purple wires (from fog lights) front and rear to control accessories with the ACC button on the DF button panel. Red wire from stereo/amp for adding own device.


I made a transcript of the newest video of anyone would like it. I plan on doing it with most of the videos for myself but if there is interest I'll post them here.
Did you end up finishing the transcription? As I'm wrapping up video 12, there have been a few instances where that would have been very helpful to have a searchable transcription of these videos