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Hey all, first post here. I've been looking at getting a Goblin because I'm getting out of motorcycles (on road at least) and I happen to have a rusty (but mechanically sound) Cobalt XFE sitting in my driveway collecting dust. Has anyone registered one of these in Michigan? I have a little bit of prior experience with this as I converted a Honda CRF450X to street-legal. That was relatively painless. The form is the same, but just has a different section for 4 wheeled vehicles (see attached). It has a few things on there that I am concerned about.

  • Windshield Wipers & Washers - I have no idea why I would need these, but apparently I do. Maybe I could just mount my Cobalt one on there for the inspection?
  • Parking brake - I imagine this is retained, but I'm really not sure. Can anyone confirm?
  • Safety Glass (no plexiglass, sufficient size to protect driver and passengers, no cracks, no obstructions, non-transparent material prohibited) - This could be a real problem. I think the windshield you can get as part of the kit is plexi? Can anyone confirm?
  • Bumpers (required on passenger vehicles, 14 to 22 inches above the ground except 4-wheel drive) - I have seen these on other threads so I'm not super concerned on these.
Now, all this being said, this really depends on the cop that checks your car. For example with my Honda, I didn't have DOT tires on it at the time of inspection because I was waiting for them to ship. They cop was like "yup its got tires", and just glazed over the list. I might be fine, if I just add my bumpers and bolt a wiper below the windshield.

What's everyone's thoughts?



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Did some more research and ran across this:
Act 300 of 1949

257.711 Safety glass required; safety plastic on buses; “safety glass” defined; penalties.

Sec. 711.
(1) A person shall not sell a new motor vehicle nor shall a new motor vehicle be registered thereafter which is designed or used for the purpose of transporting passengers for compensation unless that vehicle is equipped with safety glass wherever glass is used in doors, windows, and windshields. Rigid safety plastic which meets the test requirements of American national standards institute standard Z26.1-1966, as supplemented and amended, may be used on buses in lieu of safety glass, except that front windshields shall be equipped with safety glass.
(2) A person shall not sell a new motor vehicle nor shall a new motor vehicle be registered thereafter unless that vehicle is equipped with safety glass wherever glass is used in the windshield, doors, and windows; nor shall any glass be replaced in the windshield, doors, and windows of a motor vehicle unless the glass is safety glass as herein defined.
So this might mean that I am ok because the car doesn't technically come with a windshield.
i live in michigan as well. i have my donor stripped down, just waiting to purchase my kit. i have done quite a bit of research i think it should be pretty simple to register. there are a few builds on here that have bumpers and wipers as well.

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I am also stripping my cobalt down right now in West Bloomfield. Buying kit in February hopefully. I also have done plenty research and shouldnt be too bad here in Michigan

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Hi guys,

I don't have a Goblin, just a lurker here. But I do own an Exocet and live in Michigan, so I've been through this process.

What has been outlined here is indeed the requirements, but I think it really depends on who does the inspection as to how strict it needs to follow it. My Exocet has lexan "windshield" and no wipers. We considered the frame rails as the bumper. I was fortunate to find an officer that was into cars and made it easy... It can be any officer, do you know anyone?

Once you get that signature, the sos office doesn't care about anything but how much taxes you are gonna pay. That was a struggle and involved me getting the manufacturer on the phone with the manager. They wanted me to pay based on the theoretical value of the car, not the sales tax on the parts. Obviously I disagreed. Eventually I prevailed and only paid taxes on the kit itself. I suggest you bring receipts for your kit and even a cover letter that explains what you did. They won't know how to process this so you'll need to look like you know!

The last step is going back to the main SOS office where a guy slaps the VIN sticker on. Despite what the process says, he did not inspect the car in any other way.