1. DetailedOdin223

    Oregon/ General questions for DMV

    Hey all! I've been following these forums for about 2 months now and I've been incredibly interested in building a goblin. One thing I've been having trouble finding is what would be the answers I'd give to my local dmv or I guess how would I go about telling my dmv about registering a goblin. I...
  2. OptimizePrime

    [GUIDE] Montana Registration

    Linked below is a guide for registering in Montana. Few things before you get started: 1. There are many factors that play into your individual build that would dictate which route to take. I won't speak to the pro's and con's of the decision, this guide is focused on HOW to do it with the...
  3. jirwin

    Registering in MI

    Hey all, first post here. I've been looking at getting a Goblin because I'm getting out of motorcycles (on road at least) and I happen to have a rusty (but mechanically sound) Cobalt XFE sitting in my driveway collecting dust. Has anyone registered one of these in Michigan? I have a little...
  4. Y

    front license plate mounting sollutions and parking brake sollutions

    I live in Virginia and I'm trying to figure out the best way (best looking and most functional) to mount the front plate, the methods i have thought of are mount it inside the windscreen, make a front splitter to mount it to, or munt it to one of the front control arms, but i don't know how it...
  5. Silverback

    Tennessee Legislation

    55-1-124. "Custom-built car" defined. *** Current through the 2015 Regular Session *** Title 55 Motor and Other Vehicles Chapter 1 Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Law -- Definitions Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-1-124 (2015) "Custom-built car" means a motor vehicle that is built for private use...