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A surprising number of vehicles use laminated glass for the Rear Windshield . Many of the SUV's are produced with the ideal complement of wiper, washer, and embedded defrost. Perhaps one of these could be used for the blank.


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Justin. Any news on removing a windshield? I pulled my donor shell out of the garage today and was staring at the glass the whole time. Shame it cannot be removed easily and resold with the other good parts removed.


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No I spent this weekend making a new frame that was roller bent instead of the sharper bend. Makes mounting the Lexan windshield sooo much easier.

glass is still a goal but it’s on the back burner.

I also bought a slingshot windshield. It’s about 45” so very close but needs to be trimmed a little.

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Not everyone needs safety glass. Texas laws on windshield material, condition, or even having one installed are nonexistent. While we don't have to have one, it would be nice to block some of the wind and have a little protection from getting sandblasted out here in the desert. I really dislike the look of the default flat, nearly vertical plexiglass DF windshield. If I could find a GA one that has the right width and curves professionally bent it would be worth the couple hundred dollars for me to buy and try to trim the hood profile into.


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We are working on a safety glass windshields and frames for the Goblin.

The windshield blank comes from a 2000 Chevy Impala. We have built a fixture that supports and locates the glass in a water jet cutting machine. Once the glass is cut to size we will use windshield adhesive to mount it to the two supports.

We were able to keep the original mirror mount that GM uses on the Impala. This will allow us to use a large selection of mirrors from different types of GM vehicles.

The windshield is curved which will give it more strength.

The windshield and side supports are spaced a half of inch off of the nose to allow for a formed rubber seal.
Is this still something that is underway? I just ordered my kit and would LOVE this look.

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Dale and Ross were test fitting a donor windshield to see if it fits the Goblin frame. This is not the DF development windshield from the recent Goblin meet photos.
We are all waiting to see how the DF development looks and how much work it will be to incorporate into a Goblin. Many builders need the safety glass with the DOT marking to register their car.
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On the topic of keeping the plexiglass in good shape, how do you guys feel about this sort of product?

I personally wouldn't use any spray on the plexi. typically if there is any difference in thickness or high and low spots will distort looking through the glass and also most solvents used in aresol sprays might melt and bubble the Plexiglas . Im personally just going to use a buffing wheel once a year to make it look new again.


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Wouldn't paint protection film leave a sticky mess when you remove it a year or two later?
Or worse yet, the adhesive might be set, and not want to remove?

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Maybe for picture frames and artsy craftsy stuff, not sure it is optically clear after spraying from a rattle can. :oops: If aviation is not using it, I would be skeptical of the claims for use on a plexi windshield.
If someone is feeling brave, buy it, try it, and give forum feedback - I've been wrong about stuff like this before. :D


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Here is what I had done for a windshield.


It's flat stock(3/16" I think) with a mounting lip recessed 1/2" in and there is a 1.25" or 1.5" tube behind the flat stock on top. It was decently strong without tieing it into the main hoop, but I figured the bars tieing it in could be used to help get in and out of the car. It is not intended to be protection in the event of a roll over. The hood will have to be trimmed to fit and is getting pinned on with hood pins(was never a fan of the original way of mounting the hood. It is recessed 1/2" in so that(according to the local glass guy) that the windshield will sit flush to the sides. It is for a flat piece of custom cut safety glass.