The Goblin

Build-it-yourself Kit Car

The Goblin is a home-built kit car designed to be fast, fun and easy to assemble.




The Goblin is Quick

With average builds weighing between 1500 and 1600 pounds, the Goblin comes it at half the weight of even some of the lighter street cars. Less weight to move means everything happens in a hurry.

On top of being lightweight, the mid-engine layout puts more weight at the rear providing increased forward bite and the rear brakes are actually useful because the rear tires aren't completely unloaded under hard braking.


The Goblin is a Kit Car

What do you get when you combine a conventional car and a fabricated kit? You get a unique, home built street car like the Goblin.

You'll need a Chevrolet Cobalt donor to combine with the parts we provide in your kit. There are other odds and ends to complete your build but most of the parts will come from the donor and the kit.

The Goblin is Easy

No welding or fabricating skills are required.

The kit comes with pre-packed hardware bags that are labeled to make assembly even easier than flat pack furniture. Our forum is full of helpful Goblin owners who answer questions faster than we can keep up with.