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    Vacuum line on intake pipe...connects to?

    There's no vacuum in the intake pipe between the filter and the turbo inlet. I believe you're thinking of the PCV system.
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    What do you have against the LS?
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    Goblin sighting.

    That's one hell of an analogy!
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    Goblin sighting.

    Janesville eh? That's probably me.
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    Took a couple pics while we've been out driving around.
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    Meth Injection point on intake manifold question...

    I used a Devil's Own kit on the first car I boosted and I ran -30 degree washer fluid for the most methanol content but more recently I put a Alkycontrol system in my supercharged G8 and I run 100% methanol in that. There's a local performance shop that gets 55 gallon drums of it and then sells...
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    Brake booster vacuum leak

    Have you considered doing a manual brake conversion? I copied JSATX manual brake conversion write-up and it's fantastic!
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    Chassis Paint/Powder Coat

    How far of a drive is it for you? We flew down from Wisconsin, bought a truck, loaded it up, and drove home through the night. That was a LONG day!
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    Nope. lol the bar mount that comes with these is meant for a bicycle handlebar so it's much too small for the tubing we have. I bought a universal bar mount, made a 1.75" long spacer out of some small tube and bolted it all together.
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    Need a bit of help convincing wife to build

    Honestly, to me, it doesn't seem like the Goblin is the right type of build for you. If you don't have a supportive family and you're worried about a $900 registration fee, this project will not be a pleasant one for you. There's going to be lots of time and money involved that you didn't plan...
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    This one is called Cinnamon Red. For some reason I can't find it on the site in single gallons but here's a link to the kit page for color reference.
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    Added a phone holder to the dash area. Nothing crazy but it sure will be nice to be able to use my phone for GPS map or speed and to control the helmets coms. Also, don't mind the boost gauge, that thing's jacked for some reason.
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    Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC

    It's a tall order to make a Cobalt sound decent.
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    I have never used a base coat. We have always done just the desired color over any vehicle color. After about 3 coats you already can't tell there was a different color underneath and you're only half way to all of the coats. The only time we ever did a "base coat" was when we dipped the car...
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    That's way too much dip! I used less than a gallon to do the whole hood so for everything you'd be fine with 2 gallons total. I've sprayed entire vehicles and never used 5 gallons!