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    Mountain View Arkansas Meetup Forum Thread

Recent content by George

  1. George

    Ross's extended city, easy entry Goblin- 06 SS/SC, NW Arkansas

    The best way is to use a 80 grit dirt track tire grinding wheel. If you do as most do you will push the unwanted chemicals deeper into the tread. By removing them cold the tire is ready first turn first lap. Learned this circle tack racing on asphalt. Brad
  2. George

    High speed instability

    The items that seem to help my car has been, no bump steer front or rear, increase front caster ( this slows th steering in put down) and getting the tire pressure right to low and its darty and to hing it get darty. Brad
  3. George

    Post your MPG’s

    I do not watch gas milage just keep track of my stoplight race wins per outing Brad
  4. George

    Nukers City Goblin - 2009 SS/TC number 2 build

    If you kept the ambient air temp sensor. Put some extension wires on it then mount it in different places to check for coolest air. Brad
  5. George

    Lsd Insert

    The brand is ACT. It does require a little skill for slow take off. As I had said the metal friction material was removed and Kevlar was used. Brad
  6. George

    Lsd Insert

    I had that problem. Changed clutch disc to a 6 puck unit with kevlar friction material. And no center springs. The lite weight disc allows 8000rpm shift no blockage Brad
  7. George

    Complete SS/TC for sale - Utah

    I wonder if Stewart would transport it? Brad
  8. George

    Complete SS/TC for sale - Utah

    Rent a c-130 just for fun Brad
  9. George

    Looking for a shop that does tuning.

    Sorry they are in Austin. Brad
  10. George

    Looking for a shop that does tuning.

    What about Cobb. Brad
  11. George

    Jeffrey's City Goblin SS Turbo Illusion Purple

    I wrap mine in spark plug wire insulation. Brad
  12. George

    Wheel spacers

    Jegs or Summit racing. Same as a chevy. Brad
  13. George

    Nukers City Goblin - 2009 SS/TC number 2 build

    Have you checked the fuel pressure. Brad
  14. George

    Anodized Aluminum Colors

    Is this standard anodizing the standard type or the organic that does not fade. Brad