Coolant hose alternative


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Yeah I've been messaging Ken. I thought the hoses were 1.5"? I guess I should have measured.
They measure out 1-1/8" ID, but I bought 1-1/4" fittings and they work. Confirm the size before you buy anything. I do plenty of messing up and don't want to drag you down with me.

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An earlier post at the beginning of this thread has the coolant fitting diameter and delved into many of the alternatives considered then.



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Welding the barbs on was super simple and worked great! Super cheap, clean hose install, and no threads to seal.


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Jim, I see where you put your 'burb' fitting, looks like it belongs there. :D
Thanks. Worked like a champ. Pulled the upper radiator hose off at the radiator (why oh why is there no cap like in the video), filled through the new high point filler until it reached the top of the radiator and slipped that hose on quickly. Continued filling. Done. No burping. Ran it for 15 minutes, got great circulation at 176 degrees. Added maybe 2 oz of coolant. That frame gets hot hot. 176 on the way forward and 150 on the way back. No fan. I will probably get some more air out when I start turning a bunch of r's push the rest of the air from the radiator.


Nice foot area heater!)) Does heat "climb" up to middle bar or to the top/entry bar? How hot they get after long run?


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In case anyone was wondering how hard it is to pull a hose out, it's not to bad. Somehow put a pin hole in the hose right next to the frame taking the sub frame off or putting it back on. Tired a few different things before pulling the hose and none worked.

Cut the hose flush at the rear, attached some vice grips to the hose to hose connector with the clamp still on the hose in the frame, had my wife hold the rear and started pulling. She said she didn't feel the car move.


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Bookmarking this post, just in case. I damaged my driver side hose when I was bolting up the subframe, but there was plenty of length left to just cut some off and move the hose connector closer to the frame.