Winter Weather Thread


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We got 12" the other day here in WI, and now today it's -35. Brrrr!

How did I not realize you were so close to me fozda?


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You Texans doing all right with all that white stuff all over the place?? It may shut you down for a while, and unless you've lived in the north, absolutely don't go out in it!


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Pretty bad to be honest. We lost power at 7 last night and the house is freezing. I just got my generator running and ran some power to the inside so we can run space heaters. Water is pretty froze. It’s currently about 17 outside. 46 in the house. This isn’t good for us. :confused:
Hell might be better off running the heater in that RV trailer if you have a 220v on the generator to plug the trailer into


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Ya. That’s the next option. The trailer has 2 full propane bottles. It’ll chew through them quick with the cold and wind though. I do have 3 or 4 more bottles if need be. We are trying to weigh our options. Mostly trying to keep the house pipes from freezing.

Even though it’s a 50a system, back feeding the house would not be easy And not sure if that generator could handle one of our central air/heat units. It’s just a cluster. :confused: