Frank's Florida Street Goblin Build (#227) - 06 SS, 2.4L donor

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22K miles. The AD for the engine I found clearly stated 22K miles in three different places in the AD. I was becoming more and more skeptical of the "claimed" mileage on the engine I found on Ebay. I asked the seller for the VIN of the donor car and invested $39 in a CARFAX. The real mileage is 222,440 and I asked the seller WTF? His answer "I guess I missed a zero". Another scam artist on Ebay. I will file a complaint for what little good that does.
Dirty rotten BASTARD !!!

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Yeah, I had a hard time finding someone to pay me for it, most wanted to charge me 100$ to come and get it. I was able to find someone who would come drag it off for free, although he did end up paying me 40$ for the catalytic converter so I consider that good enough for me.


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What did you use to color them? We used a brake epoxy (I can’t remeber the name at the moment) but it was complete junk! It was just epoxy with a little color in it. Dripped and ran all over. And still come off where brake fluid came in contact with it.


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Powder Coat - Found a local shop here in North Florida (Metal Masters) that will Powdercoat my frame. To sandblast & Powdercoat is $700. Seems like a reasonable price to me. Going to get them to do some engine parts as well.