Andrew's Extended Track Goblin - 08 SS/TC


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Well I haven't been able to spent too much time on the car, but have received a few goodies and got one solid day playing around.
I received the AIM MXG Dash and various components

And my 9 Lives Racing Rear Wang, Front Wang, and diffuser came in


The larger air to water intercooler and heat exchanger showed up and I was able to get them installed.
I had to modify the DF brackets for the Intercooler and had to weld on some tabs to the frame for the heat Exchanger


I have ordered a ton of pluming fittings to finish up the intake piping, intercooler plumbing, oil system, and fuel system.

I spent a bunch of time working on the mounting of the dash.
I moved the turn signal stock towards the rear about an half inch and and going to have to move the windshield forward about an inch.
I didn't get any photos of the cut hood while it was on the car, but trimming is required to get the dash where I want it.



I think the brake plumbing is complete. I'll just need to do a little hose management.

I know slow and steady wins the race, but I'm really getting the itch to drive this thing.
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Spent a few hours on the car today.
I fabricated a mount for the dash and got it installed. Metal fab is super new to me. I can build just about anything out of wood, but am trying to figure this out....
Fabricating on the car is completely different compared to wood working.. There are no reference points to measure from.. I'm building more by look than actual measurement.
I had to cut the hood and move the windshield forward about an inch to make it all work.






The intercooler fitting arrived, so I was able to put that together. I'm definitely giving up on the engine cover at this point...

Then I spent some time working on a switch panel. It just about time to start wiring!

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Looking good! I'm considering upgrading to an AIM datalogger too. I'll definitely be curious to know your opinion of it.

One thing to keep in mind with your switch panel is reach. You may not be able to reach the far switches once you're strapped into the seats.