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If I'm understanding the status of the shifters correctly, there is still the option to add my name to the list? If so, this seems like too nice of a shifter setup to skip, put me down for a full kit.
You're all covered. Still have plenty.


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Do you have an updated list. Just checking to see if I’m on it. I’m okay with being on the bottom of the list. Just don’t want to miss out

2.0 Turbo

UPDATED 1/28 with final pricing.

Ok everyone. It's time to get this going.

Original thread :

A full set up ready to install is $317.00 with reversers, $265.00 without.
A full set up when you modify the shifter yourself is $297.00.
A base plate is $60.00
Hardware sets are below.
Shipping is not included in pricing.
No sales taxes.

Shifter Options:
1. Supply your own from HERE and cut down per THIS post
2. Get more people together and group order from that same guy.
3. Get it from me. I'm still confirming the lead time from China. Supplied from me is $115.00. Cutdown and ready to install is $135.00

The base plates are going to end up being $60 each. They'll be shipped from me with the hardware sets as the extra shipping of each individual one from TheNuker would have cost everyone more money. 3/4" thick 6016-T651 Aluminum - Mill finish. No finish, no edgework or clean up, etc. You do what you want with it.

1. Shifter hardware including all hardware and all-thread to attach shifter to the plate, plate to the car, and connect linkages to the DF supplied ball ends. Everything in THIS post plus the extended bolts to bolt the plate to the car EXCEPT THE SHIFT KNOB (get your own to your taste). I'll have the all-thread cut to smaller, but still oversize, lengths to cut down on shipping as well.

2. Cable reverser hardware to replace the DF supplied ball linkages. Includes stainless rod ends, screws, and adapters.

3. Both shifter hardware and cable reverser hardware AT THE SAME TIME

Payment will be to me. Zelle or Paypal are best for me. I can take credit cards through Square but there will be a fee from my business.

Please confirm your order and place in line by replying to this thread. Payment will not be due until your order is ready to ship. I'll confirm through messaging for shipping costs, addresses, payments, etc.

Plan on deliveries to start between 2/23 and 2/28. All of them should be able to be shipped by the end of February.

PLEASE ONLY RESPOND WITH ORDERS OR REQUESTS FOR NOW to keep this thread as clean as possible. Any conversations can be in the other thread.

Order List as of 2/10. Orders will be confirmed before shipping:
TheNuker - Base and hardware sets
Cheddar - Full set
Peregrinus - Base and hardware sets
Fozda - Base
Justin - Full Set
Dastrups - Base and hardware sets
Lando 217 - Base and hardware sets
Sparvy - Base and hardware sets
Vwsaabvt - Full Set
Towerdog - Base and hardware sets
Gtstorey - Base and pivot set
PaulPerger - Full Set
AzMoto - Base and hardware sets
Jirwin - Full Set
OptimizePrime - Full Set
djclueless - Full Set
JERMzSS - Base and hardware sets
benjy - Full Set
WYGoblin - Base and hardware sets
ATMironov - Base and hardware sets
CodyP - Full Set
TheDon - Full Set
Ark :D - Full Set
SmsDetroil - Full Set
Comegetjoe - Full Set
Meansol - Full Set
G-Quest - Full Set
Dylan Stan - Full Set
Zklonne - Full Set
baustin - Full Set
Brett- Full Set
ncgoblin - Full Set
2.0 Turbo - Full Set


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I was debating on getting this upgrade or not, but I can’t pass up. It looks phenomenal. Mind putting me on the list please for a full set?
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Gotcha both covered.

Everything is ready to go except for the base plates. TheNuker is having some issues with his new mill. As soon as he gets it set up, he is ready to roll and they will be shipping out shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, I do not know exactly when that will be. I was trying to give updates on when that will happen but it’s taking longer than expected.